Recommended Hotels (General Situation)

The hotels provided below are recommended hotels for the ONDM conference.
The location is in the southern suburbs of Athens next to the seaside.

Please use the name “AIT-ONDM” to receive the special discounted price.

Also visit individual websites for additional information on each hotel.

Note that reservation is a matter of availability so it is strongly advised to proceed with the booking process soon.


-     Connection to AIT and ONDM venue.

Busses will be used to transfer participants to and from the ONDM venue in AIT at no charges.

-     Connection to Athens

Trams and local buses provide frequent connection to the center of Athens and pass in front of or near the hotels.
Taxi from Glyfada to the center of Athens is approximately 10-15 €

-     The timetable for the buses is as follows:

  • Bus Stop 1: 8:00 am - Glyfada Hotel, 40 Posidonos Avenue, Glyfada
  • Bus Stop 2: 8:05 am - Asteria Glyfadas, 2, Gr. Lambraki and Posidonos Avenue, Glyfada
  • Bus Stop 3: 8:15 am - AMARILIA Hotel, 13, Ag. Nikolaou str, Vouliagmeni

In order to see the location of the busses please click on the link next to the area of your hotel.

Glyfada (Map of bus stops)

Brasil Suites
      4 Eleftheria Street
      16674 Glyfada
      Tel: 210-8942124-6
      Fa: 210-8942886

      Single:  130€
      Double: 140€

Oasis Hotel - Apartments
      27 Posidonos Street
      16675 Glyfada
      Tel: 210-8941662/555, 210-8940495
      Fax: 210-8941724

      Single:  100€
      Double: 120€

Congo Palace Hotel
      75 Vass Georgiou Ave
      16674 Glyfada
      Tel: 210-8946711
      Fax: 210-8946719

      Single:  82€
      Double: 97€

Glyfada Hotel
      40 Posidonos Ave
      16675 Glyfada
      Tel: 210-8944081/8944106
      Fax: 210-8985068

      Single:  80€
      Double: 90€

Emmantina Hotel(also own Palmyra Beach)
      33 Posidonos Street
      16675 Glyfada
      Tel: 210-8980683
      Fax: 210-8948110

      Single:  78€
      Double: 89€
      Triple:   106€

Vouliagmeni (Map of bus stops)

Amarilia Hotel
      13 Ag. Nikolaou Str
      16671 Vouliagmeni
      Tel: 210-8990391
      Fax: 210-8955790

      Single:  90€
      Double: 110€


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